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For over 30 years, RJP Estate Planning has been on a mission to empower familes and individuals by providing comprehensive risk management plans by combining estate planning and financial planning services.

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Your plan may not protect you the way you think it does.

An estate plan allows you to direct how and whom your property will be distributed after your death. Schedule with us today!


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Estate Planning

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Step One

We will conduct a comprehensive consultation, where we actively listen to individual financial goals and aspirations, to tailor a customized plan for our clients.

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Step Two

We demonstrate disciplined planning strategies by meticulously analyzing clients' financial profiles, setting clear goals, and adhering to a well-defined budgeting process.

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Step Three

We will regularly review client portfolios to assess the effectiveness of strategies and make timely adjustments as needed, ensuring clients remain on track to achieve their financial goals.

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We are dedicated to helping you pass your assets to your beneficiaries in a simple and affordable way. RJP Estate Planning works with experienced estate planning counsel to design individualized plans that meet each family’s unique needs and properly override for the legacy that each client desires.

RJP Estate Planning | Estate Planning in Sedona, Arizona and Utah. Living Trust services also available in Arizona.

Comprehensive & Affordable Estate Planning Solutions for you and your family.