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We are dedicated to helping you pass your assets to your beneficiaries in a simple and affordable way. RJP Estate Planning works with experienced estate planning counsel to design individualized plans that meet each family’s unique needs and properly provide for the legacy that each client desires. Our customer service team is always willing to answer your questions! 

Meet the team

Deborah Placet

RJP Estate Planning Manager

Helping retirees organize their financial affairs to provide them with the peace of mind to enjoy retirement without worry is what fuels Debbie’s passion each day as Managing Partner of RJP Estate Planning. Born and raised in Northern Virginia and the daughter of a very well-respected Navy Admiral, dedication and hard work are all that Debbie has ever known.

After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in economics, Debbie took her education in the financial services to the next level by obtaining the Certified Financial Planner (“CFP”) designation through George Washington University, thus allowing her to understand and explain the administration and transfer of one’s estate’s assets. 

Team Leaders

Caroline Lietchy

Director of Operations

Charles Ritenour

VP of Senior Estate Planning Consultants 

Chris Cohan

VP of Planning Consultants

Tiffany Routon

Director of Business Development & Community Partnerships 

Jeffrey Winter

Director of Risk Management

Tara Ellis

General Manager 

Christina Hasemeier

Customer Service Manager

Estate Planning Assistants

Chris Higgins

Director of First Impressions

Sales Team

Tom Fryar

Estate Planning Consultant

Mark Damilini

Estate Planning Consultant

Beverly Dalberg

Estate Planning Consultant

Outside Sales Team

Gabe Cabrera

Planning Consultant

Brian Jarvis

Planning Consultant

JM Smith

Planning Consultant

Chris Cohan

VP of Planning Consultants

Tucson Office

Maya Baines

Lead Office Coordinator

David Pierce

Planning Consultant 

Customer Service Department

Amanda Whallon
Brittny Neva
Dalton Smith
Janae Madden
Jared Hardison

Maddie Close
Mark Santarlasci
Marty Manuel
Matt Flores
Mel Novicoff

In loving memory of Jim Placet

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